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What crazy national day falls on your birthday?

National Milk Chocolate Day

I am very ok with this.

Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day



So apparently no one should ever buy sugarless Haribo gummy bears

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Never growing tired of this song and it’s probably my favorite track on the entire OST.

perspective is one thing, but he is like 3 steps away from these two, would give him 140cm at most. adorable. ;d (koei wikia fails to provide official info what a disappointment)
Yeah well, Zhang Liao is 185cm tall so there’s that. I want to put Chen Gong into my pocket and carry him around and show him the world. lmao…all hope is lost…

Chen Gong is so tiny and I just can’t. asjkfhask

Sure, Lu Bu and Zhang Liao are tall and perspective comes into play here as well but still. Uhhh too adorable! I… -sobs.

Tactics, i am so jelly right now
Tbh it was a huge surprise. Never in my life did I imagine to find it at Gamestop. lol